Under construction. Coming Fall 2017-ish

Sorry folks, until we grab a few more team members and gaming rigs to handle any game you want to throw our way, we have to side quest grind. Meaning we'll be raiding Google, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, and Twitch to find games until we can afford a new rig.  

Eventually we'll be posting full game write-ups, spotlights on individual artists, concept art, game music/sounds and all the like. If it goes into an indie game and it's not obscene, we'll publish it. We love tweeting, instagramming, facebooking, and blogging all things indie games.


Basically if you're working on anything for an indie game, tweet us @Betacade with the video, screenshot, or link of/to your game. If we don't get back to you, it's because we're probably busy. If we want to work with you, we'll reach out. We'll update you once our game submission portal is released, subscribe to get in line early here.. SUBSCRIBE

Ta ta for now.