Game and Art Submission Rules

Please read fully, seriously..

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Rules for submitting games and stuff (i.e. art, videos, music, sounds, etc.):

Every game artisan deserves a chance to get their work viewed or played however, as with any professional endeavor, without clear expectations and strong organizational process, doom is inevitable. At Betacade, we pride ourselves on finding great games and game-art that are in prototype to just out of beta stage. Game "Art" includes gameplay clips, character animations, sound bites, game musical scores, concept art, etc. We're looking for all things indie games. We may turn your submission into a blog post or a single social media post. By all accounts, we want to help your hard work get the recognition it deserves. 

The rules for Betacade submission are including but not limited to:


  • The game or anything associated with the game cannot be commercially published and/or for sale anywhere. On a rare occasion the unfinished game may be listed for free as a demo somewhere, but we want to find games that few folks (ideally <100) have played (with the exception to conferences).

  • To keep our content bordering the line of PG-13 and R, we don’t accept media that would be generally deemed pornographic or discriminatory in nature. Overuse of profanity and graphic-gory/bloodshed will be accepted on a case by case basis.

  • The game must be playable to some degree, if we load up a game and:

    • Nothing happens, the application is discarded

    • We have no idea what to do, the application is discarded

    • It continually crashes, the application is discarded

We'd prefer you send us what you have rather than emailing us asking if it'll pass, just

submit what you've got and we’ll look over it. Keep in mind, if your finished game/art would fail some or all of these requirements, you can opt to send us something scaled down or proximal to the final product.

We're just as indie as the games we play. Meaning, we don't have all the gear required to play all games yet. Our current gaming repertoire is iPhones, iPads, MacBook Air, iMac, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and unfortunately no true gaming PCs. For the time being, anything outside the scope of the above equipment must be submitted in the form of a trailer or gameplay video. 

If you have a gaming PC you'd like to donate to our cause, please contact us at the About / Contact page

fun fact: Best completed on desktop

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