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#8 Tanuki Sunset - Long-boarding with a Raccoon

February 26, 2020



A radically fun game loaded with 80's novelty


Tanuki Sunset sets itself apart by identifying itself as a 20th century day dream. From the music to the color palette everything about this game brings a smile to anyone close enough in age to remember the time period.


Set on a "synthwave-themed seaside road" your long-boarding raccoon barrels down drifting around u-turns, catching air over cars all the while collecting "Tanuki Bits" which fills up the "Bonus Roulette Meter" for big points. The more courageous (read as careless) you are with the raccoon, the higher the points and thrill.




Super fun, give it a try, support them on Patreon! (link below)


At the moment the game is free to play using an Xbox controller or the trusty keyboard.



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> Check out the Youtube trailer

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