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#7 Rift - A Game Jam Gem of a Dungeon Crawler

February 25, 2020

With our ever growing interest in browser games, we found another good one!




Introducing Rift. A game submitted for the Brackeys 2020.1 Game Jam by ItsNotSimon and Ren3. Game jam games are always exciting to play because you're aware that this was created with a strict deadline. The deadline inherently scales down size of the game while allowing game devs to express snap-creativity. There are great games that take years to finish. Game jams are where heros are made.





Rift, a 2D runic dungeon crawler where stealth and patience determine the victor. A clever player can have the protagonist use their invisibility power to reach the Rift, disappear and wait to eliminate all enemies one by one. Theres a fresh helping a variety in terms of enemies. You'll encounter short and long range attackers, multi-shot, mini-bosses and one tough final boss.




Throughout the game, the difficulty settings were just right. It'll take seasoned gamers for a perfect run. Timing is everything and as long as you're able to use your abilities it shouldn't be too hard. Don't be surprised if a few long winded gasps are exhaled from your lungs. Be warned, the final boss is no push over. You'd be a legend beating it within 3 tries. 


Additionally, I found myself jamming to the music on all the levels. If you die a bunch, the music WILL become entangled into your consciousness. I can't wait to see how this project evolves! We'll report back with any major updates! It'll be interesting to learn more about the story as most of the enemies we're skeletal in nature. The main characters lack of definition almost abstractly adds to the context of the levels. I feel like this being may have a bit of history in this place. Time will tell.

Overall a pleasant and exciting play-through with Rift. A quick article but we couldn't wait to share!


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