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#5 We're back, for good + Podcast Trailer is up!

February 23, 2020

 Indie games world, I've finally taken the leap. The podcast leap. I'm ecstatic to have made it to this point. Many people find excuses to not do something that calls to them. Maybe its the weight of public judgement compounded by the fear of rejection. It could be a lack of confidence or a convincing delusion of not being worthy. It takes courage to step onto a stage without an audience with yet, the world's largest spotlight on you. Placing Betacade on the shelf for 5 years will never sit well in my soul. I can let that bring me down, I can circle around all of the excuses that caused this drought of productivity. When it comes down to it, I distill everything to not being focused. It takes focus to sit down and type. To research and self-educate. 


I've never been more focused on this project. Focused is key, I'm probably not 100% ready but I'm focused on simply doing the work. Sitting down everyday and making progress. Since January 17th 2020, I've been etching away. I've got a journal to prove it (just now reminded myself I need to start today's entry (1610 hours 02-23-2020)). Theres always something to do and I'm enjoying every second of it. 


 So, we're back.


The current goal is to have at least 1 blog piece up every week and 1 Podcast episode each week. I have to manage this entire operation alone while maintaining an 8-4 gig and a pregnant wife. These aren't excuses, just obstacles. In between writing and talking, I'll be participating in the community via social media (all links listed below). I'll begin planning the next event in the beginning of April. The event 5 years ago is how this whole thing started, it needs to be a consistent part of this community. I'd like to have it in July however, that's when my Wife is supposed to pop so maybe June. We'll see.


Without further adieu.


The Betacade Podcast is about conversations with the Indie game community. Whether a creator, artist, producer, or educator, BCP (The Betacade Podcast), will tease out success and failures. Lessons and professional tips. I believe there are endless stories out there that will benefit the greater indie community.


What to expect from BCP. Professionalism. Authentic, Intuitive conversations. 



The Betacade Podcast trailer episode was submitted today and should be available to most Podcast platforms within 24 hours. If you've got a story to tell, email us at theheros (at) betacade (dot) com. Additionally if you're a musician or sound engineer, we'd love to have your work on the Podcast. Ideally we'd like a new flavor every episode. Send us a link via social media or twitter using #BetacadePodcast.


That's all for now folks, stay tuned for our next Indie Game spotlight blog post. 

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